Can remodeling my home increase the overall resale value?

It all depends on the type of project you are planning to undertake, location of your home and the overall quality of your contractors work. These will be the major determining factors for your homes value. Some projects will show a larger return on your investment such as updating or remodeling a kitchen or bath. There are other projects such as additions, adding a second bathroom or an extra bedroom can also provide a good return on your investment.

Is there really any difference between renovating and/or remodeling?

How big is the project you have in mind? A renovation is typically limited in overall project size.

Renovating your kitchen may include changing out your countertop, updating fixtures, painting the room, adding lighting and refinishing or replacing cabinets.

Remodeling projects often require structural changes, extensive changes to the overall layout of a room and/or overall structure of the room. A kitchen remodel may include the removal of walls, changing the layout and flow of cabinetry, new appliances, upgrading gas and electric lines and running new plumbing systems to accommodate the changes.

What is the general time frame for completing a project?

Let's start by stating that every project is different and the amount of time to complete each project will vary. Our team will provide you with an estimate of the time frame, once the project has been defined and agreed upon. To ensure that any estimated time frame is met and that your project stays on schedule requires a team effort between both of us. The better planned out your project is, the smoother the project will run. Please, do not rush through the planning stage of a project because our experience shows us that a little time spent at the beginning of a project will ultimately result in the most cost-effective and timely completion of your project. We will help you keep track of the timeline throughout all the phases of your project.

Do you have samples of your work that I can see?

Yes! We have a portfolio of some of the projects which we are extremely proud to share with you. To see a highlight of some of our completed projects. Please feel free to browse our selection and contact us for more information on our services.

I have heard that I will need to move my family out of my home for weeks, is that true?

Each project is different. In most cases we can work with you and work can be completed while your family remains in the comfort of your home home. During some projects there maybe a point where your power will be interrupted for some time or if there are any safety concerns, you may need to leave your home for a period of time.

Certain projects may call for extensive interior or exterior work, unfortunately, staying in your home during such projects may not be possible. We will work together to come up with a schedule that will accommodate both you and your project. We understand that if this were to happen during the course of a project it would be a huge inconvenience for you and we will do everything possible to minimize your absence.

Will you be the company doing the work?

Yes, we do the work. Attention is in the details! Janusz Home Repair and Improvement is known for our meticulous attention to all the fine details of each project, we are extremely proud of our top quality craftsmanship, and remain in contact throughout the project to ensure that we provide you with the best possible service and results. From time to time we work with industry partners to provide additional services to our clients. In the rare event that this happens rest assured that someone from Janusz Home Repair and Improvement will be on the job site to ensure that all work is being completed to our high standards.

Does Janusz Home repair and Improvement carry properly licensed and carry insurance?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured and have over a decade of hands on industry experience - you can be confident that the work we perform will follow all building codes to insure quality and safety.

Why Januz Home Repair and Improvement?

Our technique is cutting edge and our materials are of superb quality, leaving you with a gorgeous and enviable living or working space. We are Highly skilled craftsmen that are trained and experienced well beyond industry standards. We are very attentive our clients style, need and budget and offer some of the industries most reasonable rates. We provide professional construction services for all size jobs, bigs or small. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure that your project meets your specifications and vision.